Content Feeds enable relational data for personalization more easily in our schema-less world.

Now, you can easily upload a CSV of non-user metadata such as stores or products. You no longer need to pass all of this metadata within the event or user properties, and can now also update this metadata separately from the user or event.

Once in the platform, you can easily update the feed by uploading a new CSV, or adding/editing/deleting rows manually in the UI.


1. In the left-hand menu, select Feeds from the Content section.

2. Click Create New.

3. Provide a name for the Feed.

4. Each Feed requires a column titled key_name that will be used as the unique identifier of the row.

5. Import your CSV file(s).

You can reference the Feed anywhere Liquid scripting is available.


When referencing a feed, this code must be added above the individual references: {% feeds include: 'FeedName' %} to indicate to the system, which feeds will be used. The syntax of printing a specific field in the feed is:

{{feeds['FeedName']['key_name']['column name']}}

You can declare the key_name value explicitly or use a Liquid variable from a user or event property here to reference the correct row.

Don’t have a content feed available?

Zeta can enable a content collection feature to help you create up-to-date content feeds from your website.

For example product descriptions, pricing, availability from your site can be compiled in a feed.

This feature can focus on actual pages visited by your customers to ensure site resources are focused on the content your customers are actually viewing.

To enable this feature simply reach out to your account manager to set that up.