Users can now connect Facebook Business accounts within ZMP to capture leads from the Ads that are run within Facebook. The goal would be to subscribe to all current and future Facebook pages automatically. This way, the user would not need to make changes to the integration settings when a new page is added or Ads are created.

Zeta has the opportunity to enhance some of the important cross-channel experiences such as:

  • Lookalike: Take a List or Segment in ZetaHub and create a Lookalike audience on Facebook to reach new leads that resemble their loyal customers.

  • Cross-Channel: Target those already being reached out via email with a relevant Facebook ad that reinforces the message and has a similar call-to-action.

  • Win-back: Target customers that haven’t engaged in a while but are active on Facebook/Instagram.

  • Re-engage: Target inactive customers with a relevant Facebook ad featuring products/articles they’ve viewed on sites in the past. Re-engage using personalized coupon codes.

  • Cross-sell: Target customers who have bought one product with a different but complementary product.

How to Set Up the Facebook integration

1. Navigate to Platform settings:

2. Click on Integrations.

3. Find Facebook and click on Connect.

4. Enter your Facebook credentials.

5. Once your Facebook account is Connected, you can select the Facebook Pages from your Account as shown below. You can also Disconnect.

6. Once the pages are selected, you will need to select the toggle in order to Collect users from Lead Ads.

Facebook requires the approval of the following documents prior to allowing access to the Custom Audiences. Please note, if you are working on behalf of the client, they will need to approve the same.

Custom Audience Terms
Facebook Business Tools Terms

How to access the Facebook Lead Ad Integration

1. From the menu on the left, navigate to ExperiencesEvents.

2. Once a Lead Form is filled out and submitted, you will be able to see this under Events:

How to Access Facebook Custom Audience

1. Users can export the Facebook Custom Audience within the Export Users option.

2. When an account is not integrated with Facebook, this destination option appears as disabled - Click on Click to Integrate with Facebook and follow the instructions to authenticate your account:

3. Once you are integrated, the Facebook option will reveal a dropdown of custom audiences fetched from your Facebook ad account

4. You can select the custom audience, or create a new one in Facebook through Zeta Hub.

5. Select the option of scheduling this export as One time or Repeat.

6. Once all of the belowmentioned details are filled out, click on Activate.