This new feature will personalize messages and will create one-to-one experiences with your customers. To ensure that every aspect of the message can be personalized, we’re introducing Dynamic Email Senders for Campaigns and Experiences.

With this new feature, the user can add logic within the campaign to control your From Name/Address and Reply-To Name/Address within the Campaign or Experience rather than in account settings.

Using the Zeta Markup Language, you can use logic reading from:

  • Properties

  • Events

  • Files

  • Feeds

  • Resources

In the same way as you dynamically set your subject lines and other message components.

To ensure that all messages have a sender, you must also select a default for the From Name and From Address in case the logic results in an empty value or an unconfirmed from address.

How To Instructions

These can be reviewed in the animated gif below:

For additional information feel free to reach out to the ZMP Support Team