The Zeta Marketing Platform is a multi-user system, where more than one person can interact with the same system at the same time. While as a system administrator, you can add new people, you might also occasionally need to delete a few. Amongst the multitude of reasons for having to delete user accounts, the user moving away from the organization or the service that the account was created for is no longer relevant, top the list.

Let’s quickly have a look at the two ways in which people can be deleted from the ZMP Platform:

There may be up to a 5-minute delay in the deletion and up to a 15- 20-minute delay for the deletion to be reflected in the UI. Using the Find a User API endpoint to check for successful deletion can be performed to check for successful deletion after 5 minutes.

  • Navigate to SettingsData ToolsPurge

Your file must contain a single column with the header named - user_id. The values in this column will be the unique ID of people that you would like to purge.