Data Conductor is a visual tool within the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) that can ingest and integrate any data source either one time or as an ongoing feed. With Data Conductor, you can seamlessly manage data workflows and conduct master data management tasks like cleansing, accuracy checks, resolving duplicates, and flexible extract, transform and load (ETL) functions through a straightforward, low-code user interface.

Use this powerful feature to:

  • Accelerate the speed of data integration and onboarding to drive timelier customer engagement

  • Minimize or eliminate the need for technical intervention to manage your own data on your own terms

  • Harmonize your data so that your systems are connected and speaking the same language

  • Simplify your data operations and gain complete transparency into your most valuable asset—your customer data

Data Conductor’s data flows are currently comprised of these three 3 components.

Amazon S3 Buckets, Google Buckets, Google BigQuery, External SFTP and Snowflake are configurable by putting in a Support Ticket request.

Source Of Data (required)

Destination of Data (required)

Actions on the Data (optional)

This is where you will be pulling the data from.

This is where you will be sending the data to.

These are various actions that can be taken on the data to ensure that the data has everything it needs for use by the destination of the data.

Everyone to have access to all sources

Everyone to have access to all sources

Some Data Actions will be restricted to certain accounts if built custom for the client, or if those actions require payment.

Types of Sources


  • External SFTP

  • Amazon S3 Buckets

  • Google Buckets

  • Google BigQuery

  • Snowflake

Types of Destinations


  • External SFTP

  • Amazon S3 Buckets

  • Google Buckets

Available Actions (changes often)

  • Remove Properties

  • Add Properties

  • Mask Data

  • Filter Records

  • Hygiene/Cleansing (paid - requires explicit contract)

  • More TBD