Customer Audiences, a core component of CDP Plus, are key in targeting and understanding people that interact with your brand.


All of the subscribed customers and their information is stored here. There are four ways that you can filter the people: properties, events, campaigns, or segments. You can also add multiple filters, regardless of what type of filter they are, to one audience. 

Read more about People here.

Segments & Lists

Segments are filtered portions of your audience updated by the platform either in real-time or periodically as well as at campaign send time depending on if the Continuous Update option is enabled for the segment. This is the recommended way to create and manage portions of your audience for campaigns and/or reporting.

Lists are static groups of individuals from your audience for use in campaigns. Common use cases for Lists include control groups and Return Path seed lists among others. Lists are not updated based on the initial filter criteria used to create them. Instead, users can be added to/removed from lists via the Experience Builder.

Read more about Segments & Lists here.


Events are the actions your users are taking and can be used to trigger campaigns and experiences on a 1:1 level. On this page, you'll find a list of events, the user id of the user generating the event if they're an identified user or Anonymous if the user is unidentified and the time the event took place. Furthermore, the payload of the event can be seen by clicking the event name. Clicking the user id will take you to the user's profile. 

This page is commonly used for testing, verifying and troubleshooting a site integration and file-based event imports.

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Automated Exports

Audiences (Segment and Lists) can be exported out of ZetaHub via the following methods either once or automated on a repeat schedule. 

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