The Content Preview gives email marketers an easy way to visually validate their messages before launch.

Previewing Dynamic Content

When previewing the email from within a Campaign or Experience, the preview will automatically be generated based on a random user in the platform. Marketers may also easily update the user_id in the UI to generate the message based on a specific user or simply click the refresh icon to randomly generate a message for another user.

Preview Options

Preview in Litmus

Previewing your content in Litmus will allow you to see the Preview on screen as it would appear on a number of Device / OS / Email Platform combinations. Each rendering will be produced as PNG file that can be saved, copied, and shared as needed.

Sending Test Emails (Proofs)

The visible Preview on screen can be sent as a Test Email or Proof to any valid email address.

Test Emails can be sent from the Preview of any Email whether within:

  • Content Templates

  • Campaigns

  • Experiences

When accessing from a Campaign, you must go to the Content & Audience Tab.

For Experiences, you must open the Campaign Action Node. From there, you can click on the thumbnail to Preview and Send a Test Email.

Users now have the ability to send one/multiple users tests to themselves

Steps to Send Test Email

1-Within Templates user will click on preview options:

2-The following Page will render - Click on Preview Options in the upper right-hand corner:

3-Click Send Test Email the following pop-over will render:

4-For Multiple emails separate by comma (,)

5-Add a Subject Line ie. below:

6-Click Send

An alternative way to send Test Email proofs is described below:

1-Click into the Campaign and Edit

2-Under Content & Audience

3- Click the Arrow

Below is an animated Gif that shows this feature in motion: