The channel manager enables marketers to incorporate additional channels, services, and/or vendors into their marketing ecosystem.

After a channel is set up, it will be made available as a channel selection during campaign set up.

Adding Channels

Many starting points for channels are already set up. After finding the appropriate option, mouse over it and click ‘+ Add’.

To start from scratch, use the tiny rectangles in the top left of the My Channels pane to move to the option called 'Build your own channel”.

This will load the form and payload creation interface.

On the left, the form fields added can be altered by clicking on the three dots next to the appropriate field and then clicking Edit. These fields are ones that will need certain values that are unique between campaigns.

Each form field has a corresponding object code that can be added to the API payload on the right. To retrieve this code, click on the three dots next to the appropriate field and click ‘Copy code’. Then, paste the code in the right location in the API payload.

If additional fields are needed simply click and drag the appropriate field from the bottom into the form.

The API payload can also contain Zeta Markup Language objects and tags as well as static values that do not exist in the form.

The Webhook and API payload should be configured and written against the third party’s API documentation.

Supported request methods are limited to Post and Put requests.

Supported authentication methods are limited to Basic and Header based methods.