With automated channel optimization, Zeta’s AI continuously learns and adjusts the optimal channel path, based on conversion goals set and the level of engagement from your audience.

Users can now select:

  • Desired channels

  • Define the content

  • Select conversion metrics

How to enable this feature for an account

Users with System Administrator role in ZMP, can navigate to ‘Features’ Section under Admin - [Account] → Settings, and toggle on the feature by name Channel Optimization.

Others who would like this enabled for a customer’s account, can reach out to their respective account manager to get this enabled.

How to use this feature

Setup / Use in an existing Experience

Launch a new Experience or Open an existing Experience using the Experience Builder Interface

Select reachable channels for activation

Select ‘Split By Identity’ decision node to fork the experience for qualifying users based on whether they are Zeta Known, Customer Know, or completely unknown.

Within the ‘Zeta Known’ experience path, select the channels to activate the qualifying users e.g. Email, SMS, and Display

This will ensure that if a qualifying user is reachable on Email (i.e. has at least one email address associated as a contact), they will receive the experience defined under the ‘Email’ Channel path, similarly, if the qualifying user is reachable on SMS (has at least one phone number associated as a contact), they will receive the experience defined under the ‘SMS’ Channel path.

Enable Automated Channel Optimization

In order to let Zeta Automatically optimize for channel path

  1. Toggle On the option to ‘Auto optimize channels’ as indicated in the screenshot below

  2. Select the conversion event that you’d like Zeta to optimize for. The conversion event can be any custom event tracked within ZMP, or changes to the qualifying user’s attribute that results in an entry/exit to a Segment in ZMP.

Define downstream experiences and Launch

The user of the platform will need to then define a few downstream experiences in each channel path.

For simplicity, we’ll just add an Email Campaign under the Email path, an SMS campaign under the SMS path, and syndicate those reachable on Display to Zeta Programmatic.

User will need to activate the Experience, and now the channel selection is on ‘Auto Pilot’ and Zeta will ensure selection of channels through a continuous and re-inforced learning with a single objective to maximize the desired conversion metric.

Experience in Analysis Mode

Once launched the Experience builder can now be observed in the analysis mode for qualifying users across the defined channel path.

  • Hover over the individual channels to see a sparkline of conversion rate over the last 30 days

  • The optimal channel path is highlighted in green when hovered, indicating that the channel is currently the most optimal. Note that the optimal channel can change based on the cohort’s behavior (e.g. during Christmas if your customers, who usually engage on email starts to engage more via SMS, Zeta AI may decide to shift to SMS in order to score more conversions for you)