AudiencePulse - Visitation Trends compares customer visit patterns to physical brand locations in the US.

Visitation audiences are derived from visits to brand locations at the individual level.

View Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Visitation Trends

  • Daily trend of visits to the brand, normalized against the total customer visits recorded each day.

  • In the Weekly and Monthly Visitation Trends graph, each bar represents daily average count of customer visits and the percentage shown is the increase or decrease week-over-week and month-over-month.

View DMA Trends

  • The summary shown above is the week-over-week change of count of customer visits for the week ending 28-Mar-2021 over the previous week.

  • View weekly and monthly visitation trends by DMA to identify which markets are prime for conquesting.

Note: The 10 largest markets are selected by default, but other markets can be selected through the dropdown.