This type of Broadcast Campaign can be triggered via an externally facing API. This campaign type is particularly useful for global events that affect a large number of people, such as concerts or weather-related communications. The Launch Type is shown as: Broadcast on API request. Within the request body of the API, you can pass over name-value pairs that can be used to dynamically input content relevant to the global event.

Sample API 

You can get the Sample API code on the Campaign Settings page below or go to http://docs.zetaglobal.com/docs/send-api-broadcast-campaign for more detail.

Send Options

You have three options for when you want to trigger this campaign.



On API request

The campaign will start sending immediately after the API request is received.

With a delay of

The campaign will start sending after some delay.


The campaign will delay until a specific time on a specific day of the week.


By default, the campaign will send to the segments and lists that are assigned to the campaign. However, we also offer an option to change the audience from within the API call itself.  The Use audience from API option in the UI, will allow you to activate the campaign without including segments or lists for the campaign.

Campaign will auto-archive after 30 Days