Users and Roles


Under Profile > Users and Roles, marketers can manage the team that needs access to a Zeta Marketing Platform Account, as well as those that require access to parent accounts and/or child accounts.

Managing Teammates

Teammates can be managed under the Teammates tab. Here, a list of users is displayed along with their:

  • Primary Account

  • Role

  • Email Address

  • Status.

Hover over the far-right column of the user's row and click the (...) icon. Clicking this will present options to edit and/or deactivate the user.

Adding a New Teammate

To invite a new team member, click the green Invite Teammates button in the top-right corner.

The Invite team member UI will slide in from the right side of the window. Set the fields for First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Display Name (optional). The Primary Account is the top-level account the user should log in to when accessing the platform. Setting the Role gives the user certain permissions. Once a user is invited they will appear as pending in the list of users with access to the account. An invitation email is sent to the user as well. This invitation email has a link the user can click to set their password. 

Managing Roles

The Roles tab displays all available roles, a description, the account it's in and the number of users with that role. Clicking on the role reveals options to edit that role, including what permissions are enabled for it. For accounts with a parent/child structure in place, users can be invited to the parent account and be given different levels of access to the child accounts all from the parent account. These are referred to as secondary accounts. 

The Acquisition View of an account can only be seen by users that have the role of Acquisition User. This role can be set for you by Zeta Global. 

Adding a New Role

In the Roles tab click New Role. The Add New Role will slide in from the right side of the UI. Give the new Role a name and a useful description. Choose that account the role can be used in. Then, set the Role Permissions. Click Save once the configuration is complete.