Create an Experience


1. To create a new Experience, navigate to the Experience Builder.

2. After clicking New Experience in the Experiences Summary you're brought to a fresh experience.

3. Give the Experience a name and click the add button (plus) below to continue the process. 

4. Creating an Experience is done using a combination of four types of nodes, the first of which is always a Trigger Event. The three types of triggering events are: Account Level, Campaign, and Segment Entry/Exit.

5. Once the Trigger Event is selected, a black circle with a plus (+) sign is displayed. Clicking this gives you four more node types to tailor the rest of your Experience. These include EventDelayActions, or Split and are described in more detail by selecting them. 

To add in Dynamic Senders please review the following content - Linked HERE

Important Notes

Experiences run from the top down and logic created in an experience is evaluated for the individual only in the node they're currently passing through, or being held at if there is a time-based evaluation involved.

Said another way, experiences evaluate one node at a time, which is the node the user is passing through. For nodes that hold users for time frames that overlap, the second node will act more like a pass-thru and wont be able to evaluate the desired criteria as intended since the time frame has already elapsed in the prior node.