Collaborative Editing


The visual editor supports the collaborative editing of the same template with multiple users in real-time.

When a user joins the editing session the editor will display a colored block containing the user's initials on the bottom left of the screen. The color of the block indicates the color others will see when that user has content selected. As additional users join, additional blocks will be added indicating the number of users that have joined along with their selector color.

There is a hard limit of 20 simultaneous users in the same editing session, but we recommend keeping it to 10 or less to help prevent confusion and ensure performance.


When a user selects content to edit, that block of content becomes locked for all other users and cannot be selected nor edited by anyone else. Other users will see the user's selector color around the block providing visual indication that the block is currently being modified by another user.

Locked content cannot be bypassed in any way, even if the user with the selected block is away from the keyboard.

As users are making edits to content, changes will be reflected in real-time to all other users in the editing session.


Using the save button will commit the current version of the content for everyone in the session to the server. After a quick reload, the editor will reappear for work to continue.

Upon pressing the done button and leaving the editing session, other users will be able to make additional edits and save more recent changes. Since edits are synchronized in real-time to others, changes that are saved will not revert changes others have made.

Templates are only saved when any user in an editing session presses the save button.

Additionally, if there is more than one user in a session, if one user leaves after making changes without saving, those changes will still be maintained as long as the other user(s) in the session eventually press the save button.