File Requirements for Matched Lists or Lookalike Generation


This document will review the file format requirements that are supported for generating matched lists or lookalike audiences and how to upload them successfully.

Files will need to be formatted as UTF-8 encoded text files with headers designating each column.

  • Column headers are limited to a maximum of 256 characters

  • Column values are limited to a maximum of 1024 characters

  • Column headers are case-insensitive

  • Max file size: 1GB (drag and drop) and 10GB (SFTP)

  • Supported Columns Details Below





Zeta accepts email address in US and international formats. Zeta accepts up to 5 email addresses as separate attributes. Additional Email addresses must be provided with column headers as Email1, Email2, Email3 and Email4


Zeta accepts email address in US and international formats in md5 hash format. 

  • f068d15f6196394d5e12e6bd4dec5879

  • 674c1cc1cb589cde0af7071c3f4a7121

  • a3e45a16e0e3392daaa774808e685ca2


Cookie Id for a visitor from Zeta integrated site

  • 21fa99ff-3f2a-43a3-b362-f87a827fc0dd:1604567862.93

First Name

Zeta accepts first name and first name initial, with or without accents. Initials can be provided with or without a period.

  • John

  • F.

  • Émilie

Last Name

Zeta accepts full last names with or without accents.

  • Smith

  • Sørensen

  • Jacobs-Anderson


Zeta accepts full city names as they normally appear.

  • Paris

  • London

  • New York


Zeta accepts full names of US and international states and provinces, as well as the abbreviated versions of US states.

  • AZ

  • California

  • Normandy

Address Line 1

First line of the postal address

  • 777 1ST AVE N

Address Line 2

Second line of the postal address

  • APT 7


Zeta accepts US and international zip and postal codes. US zip codes may include a 4-digit extension as long as they are separated by a hyphen. The extension is not required and will not further improve the match rate.

  • W11 2BQ

  • 94104-1207

  • 94104

  • Minimum groupings required

    • email_md5 or

    • email or

    • email1 or

    • email2 or

    • email3 or

    • email4 or

    • zync_cookie or

    • ["first_name", "last_name", "address_line_1", "address_line_2", "city", "state", "zip"]

  • Example File can be downloaded here

Matched list - Sample Seed File.csv