Prospect Audiences

Segments & Lists

There are three types of audiences that can be created and managed in the Zeta Marketing Platform.

These audiences are powered by Zeta Global’s large and proprietary data set.

  • Zeta Audiences

  • Matched List

  • Lookalike Audience

The central hub for managing audiences is through the Segments and Lists page. In order to create a audience, press the “Create New” button on the top right and pick between one of the 3 options:

Zeta Audiences

Zeta Audiences are segments created using Zeta’s proprietary Intender Audiences. The membership of these audiences consists of permissioned users who are demonstrating intent to convert in a specific category.

To create a new Zeta Audience, start by selecting the “Zeta Audience” option under “Select type of audience” modal. Select 1 or more intender audiences by pressing the “Add Audience” button and choosing Zeta Audiences. Then, choose the relevant intender audiences by navigating through the filter panel. If you are looking for a specific audience, you can press the magnifying glass icon to trigger search and can simply search for the audience key word. You can select 1 audience or many audiences in one go by pressing on the “+” icon next to the audience name. Take the overlap between multiple audiences using the And operator between selected audiences or pull folks from multiple intender audiences using the Or operator. Click the operator word to toggle between the two. Additional filters can be added to narrow down the audience by Gender, Age, Location, and/or Income. The chart on the right is a reflection of the demographics of the selected criteria. Once you are satisfied with your query, you can save the audience for future use or for activation.

Matched List

A matched list is a set of first-party individuals uploaded into the Zeta Marketing Platform who are then matched to Zeta’s Data Cloud and further enriched with potential intender audience membership and other data points. This matched list can then be activated against Zeta’s omni-channel solutions or extended using our AI driven lookalike modeling capabilities.

In order to create a Matched List,

  1. Select Type of Audience → Matched List

  2. You will have the choice of 2 file source options:

    1. Upload a seed file:

      1. Upload a CSV file from your local machine with the seed audience directly from the UI. This is the preferred and simplest approach.

      2. You can simply drag and drop the source file from your local machine

    2. Upload seed file to a remote SFTP server:

      1. If your seed file is larger than the allotted file size, you can also use the remote SFTP server option to upload the seed audience

      2. When creating a New SFTP location to drop the file to:

        • Enter in the Audience 'Name' and 'Description'


        • “Save” the audience to generate a unique remote location

        • Copy the unique location and navigate to that folder on your favorite SFTP client (e.g. FileZilla, etc)

        • Upload the seed file to the specified location using the SFTP client

        • The dropped file will get automatically picked up and internally moved to the S3 location for processing.

          • Note - Once the file is picked up, the folder in your SFTP client will be empty

  3. File Format

    1. There are specific column header requirements to successfully match the seed audience to the Data Cloud. These requirements can be found here: . Any additional fields not required for identity resolution are ignored.

  4. Once the file is uploaded or added to the FTP Folder click Next

    1. To ensure the Match list was uploaded successfully, the user can review on the Segments & Lists page and see the status is set to Active

  5. Once the Audience is available, User can

    1. User can also Explore the Audience in the Audience Explorer

    2. Save the audience for activation or reuse

    3. Extend the audience using a lookalike model

  6. Importing Custom Attributes (Advanced)

    1. For certain advanced use cases, clients may wish to explore custom properties for a Matched List. For example, an insurance client may wish to explore properties such as “policy_expiration_date” or a telecom provider may wish to explore properties such as “ARPU”. Such use cases can accomplished through Zeta’s solutions team. The general flow to onboard such data properties are as follows:

      1. Upload the seed list as a match list as described above

      2. Upload the same seed list through the CRM based user upload process. This step requires a superuser access.

      3. Once successfully uploaded, return to Audience Explorer. You should see a “Properties” section at the bottom of the Audience Explorer

      4. Within Properties, explore custom properties and associated audience counts.

Lookalike Audience

A Lookalike Audience is an audience generated by the Zeta Marketing Platform based on a set of first-party individuals. This AI-generated audience represents a collection of people most similar to the seed audience across thousands of attributes known to Zeta’s Data Cloud. If you are trying to answer the following question, then ZMP’s Lookalike modeling capabilities can help: “Who are the top prospects known to Zeta that are most similar to my seed audience so that I can achieve my goal of reaching X million prospects across channels?”

There are 2 ways to generate a lookalike audience

  1. Using an existing matched list (this is the preferred and simplest option)

    1. In Segments and Lists, on any existing matched list, press the “three dots” on the right hand and press “Generate Lookalike”

    2. Name your audience, adjust your audience parameters

    3. Generate

  2. Directly from a seed file (if there is no existing matched list to extend)

    1. In Segments and List, “Create New” → “Lookalike Audience”

    2. Fill in the stepper flow

      1. Name, Description: Name needs to be unique and not previously used

      2. File Source: Choose between Matched List (recommended), or Local Source (upload a seed file from your desktop). There are specific column header requirements to successfully match the seed audience to the Data Cloud. These requirements can be found here: . Any additional fields not required for identity resolution are ignored.

      3. Audience Parameters: Based on client’s desired reach goals, select the appropriate desired level of precision. Note that the eventual match rates will depend on the activation channels. For example, if the activation channel is Programmatic, then the actual avails will need to be estimated by overlaying supply avails.

To ensure the Lookalike Audience was created successfully, user can review the Segments & Lists page to see the status.

Once the Audience is available,

  1. User can also Explore the Audience from the Audience Explorer

  2. User can save the audience for reuse

  3. User can syndicate the audience to DSP or Programmatic for activation