Custom Report


Zeta’s Custom Reporting allows marketers to integrate their own BI tools and other web-based tools into the Zeta Marketing Platform.

New updates to this feature make it easier to:

  • Access reports

  • Extend the flexibility of the platform

  • Simplify the management and organization of multiple Custom Reports

  • Upload supported files directly to the platform from your computer

Key highlights of this report include:

  • Ability to categorize a report with one or more tags

    • This allows users to group similar reports together for seamless retrieval.

    • All weekly updates can be tagged as “weekly-updates”

  • Ability to search, filter, and sort reports

    • To view any recent reports that are tagged as “weekly-updates,” users simply filter by that tag in the side panel and sort by recent date

  • Ability to preview the report prior to report creation

    • This allows users to save time by screening a report prior to creating

You can add in reports from various tools such as the following for easy assess to data:

  • Tableau

  • Looker

  • MicroStrategy


To add a Custom Report, follow the instructions below.





Navigate to Custom Reports, under the Reports section, and click New Custom Report.


Provide a name for the report.


Optional: Add a description for the report.


Select Embed Link or File Upload.


Enter the URL or upload the file as per the instructions.

Note- In order for the embed link to work for Tableau views, it must be in a specific format otherwise Tableau blocks the embedding. Here is the specific format that works with the ZMP -

Format: http://<servername>/#/views/<workbook>/sheet?:param1=value1 

Example: Base URL:


Final shareable URL:

More details can be found here.


Validate the preview for PDF and Embed Link are correct.


Verify the file was uploaded/embedded by reviewing the Custom Reports list

  • In the case of URL, ensure that the URL loads as expected.

  • In the case of a PDF, ensure that the PDF is rendering correctly.

  • In the case of XLS or PPT, ensure that the download functionality is working correctly.


Single Sign-On (SSO) is also available for non-public reports for use cases including the following. Zeta supports standard SAML 2.0 Integrations.

  • BI Tools such as Tableau and MicroStrategy

  • Reports that sit on your company intranet

SSO can only be configured for users with the same email address, and the user should be added as part of the Zeta account.