Campaigns Report (beta)

The Campaigns report gives marketers a summary of performance across a selection of campaigns.

This version of the campaigns report is currently in beta. The underlying data set is the same data set used in the Campaigns Report. The updates being implemented only reflect an improvement to the user experience with the addition of slicing and filtering capability.

The default channel selected for the report is Email and the default time period selected for the report is the past 30 days.

The channels currently available for reporting are Email, Push, SMS, and Webhook each having their own set of available metrics.

To choose a time range, click the drop down that says Last 30 Days and make the appropriate selection.

The search can be used to find campaigns by their campaign name.


To add a slice, click the knife icon next to the search icon. This is also where filters can be configured. Adding slices will allow you to break down each campaign by one or more attributes. You can add up to 2 slices. Click ‘+ Add Slice’

The slices currently available are:

  • Version

  • Occurrence

  • Version Occurrence

  • Variation

  • Segment

  • Campaign Code

  • Date Sent

  • Sender Address

  • Subject

The slices are applied in the order they are selected. For example, choosing Date Sent and then Version will display a breakout of reporting data by Date Sent first and then Version for each day the campaign deployed. Multiple deployments in a day will be aggregated into a days worth of reporting. For more granular info, choose Occurrence instead.


To filter the data displayed in the table, click the knife icon and then select the filter icon below the slice icon.

Filters are applied to the data set previously selected. Applying a filter will remove data from the report to get a more tailored view.

The filters currently available are:

  • Accounts

  • Segments

  • Campaign Types

  • Status

  • Codes

  • Tags

  • Prime Time

  • Recommendation Type

  • Subjects

  • Sender Address

There’s no limit on the number of filters you can apply. Once a desired filter is chosen, click Apply Filters toward the bottom of the window. To reset the selected filters click Reset.

Table Options

Additionally, the table can be configured to display different metrics than the ones chosen by default. Clicking the Gear wheel icon at the top right of the table will display a slide out window of available metrics as well as the ability to toggle between the display of counts or percentages.