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Viewability Reporting

The DSP offers the following metrics to permit you to monitor Viewability performance via the Report Builder.

Updates of these metrics have at least a 24-hour lag time.



Viewability % - Vendor

Viewability percentage as provided by the viewability measurement vendor.
Calculated as DSP Integrated Viewability In-View Impressions÷ DSP Integrated Viewability Measured Impressions × 100.

Impressions - In View - Vendor

Number of impressions the viewability vendor deems "in view".

Impressions - Measured - Vendor

Overall number of impressions measured by the viewability vendor.

Viewability % - Zeta

Percentage of impressions deemed viewable by Zeta, calculated as Zeta In-View Impressions × 100 ÷ Zeta Viewability Measured Impressions.

This metric does not track Video Ad impressions. Please contact your Zeta Zeta Programmatic Support team for details.

Impressions - Measured - Zeta

Number of impressions analyzed by Zeta for viewability

This metric does not track Video Ad impressions. Please contact your Zeta Programmatic Support team for details.

Accessing these Metrics

1. Select the Account/Advertiser/Campaign in the DSP. Select Advertiser Analytics > Report Builder from the menu on the left.

2. Select ⚙ Report Options in the upper-right corner. 

3. Select the Metrics tab. Search from the list of Viewability Metrics that the DSP records data for.

4. Choose from the list of metrics you want to be added to the Grid. You may also save your favorite views and even arrange to have reports emailed to you on a regular basis.

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