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Sharing Pixels

There are times when a specific pixel and its learnings from one Advertiser can be used on campaigns under another Advertiser. One such instance where sharing pixels between Advertisers may benefit campaigns is when the user’s campaigns are split between at least two Advertisers to manage different types of campaigns (holiday vs non-holiday, brand 1 vs brand 2, and more). In this scenario, there would be value in sharing the general landing pixel from the user’s main homepage across all related Advertisers so all the campaigns can benefit from the single pixel’s data.

To share pixels across Advertisers,

1. From the menu on the left, choose the Account and Advertiser from the respective dropdowns.

2. Navigate to Data Collection > Pixels.

3. Select a pixel from the grid to pop open its edit panel on the right.

4. Within the panel, locate the Share with Accounts text field and begin typing in the name or ID of the Advertiser you’d want to share the pixel with.

  • Check the box next to the name of the desired Advertiser(s) as it appears in the filtered list below the field.

5. Click on Save.

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