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ISP Targeting

ISPs can be used to target any traffic that comes from a specific Internet Service Provider, for example, AT&T, Optimum, Frontier Communications, and more. This targeting can be particularly useful when ISPs are targeting potential customers who currently subscribe to a competitor's ISP. It can also be helpful for an ISP to anti-target (exclude) all traffic coming from their own ISP (as these are existing customers).

1. Within the Targeting tab of the Campaign Builder, the Targeting grid appears. Click on the (plus) sign against each row or object to add in its targeting rules.

2. Select ISP.

3. Enter the ISP name into the search box under Available (ISPs). The DSP will display several matching ISPs. To enable targeting of particular ISPs, click on Include. To exclude specific ISPs, select Exclude.

  • You cannot target individual ISPs AND exclude others.

  • Click on X to unselect an ISP.

  • Click on Remove All to remove all ISP targeting.

4. Click an item from the list to add it to the Selected column on the right. 

  • Included ISPs will be highlighted in blue, whereas Excluded ISPs will be highlighted in red.

5. Repeat this process until you have added all the desired ISPs. 

6. Click on Save & Close when complete.

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