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Grid Management

Cloning Line Items and Tactics

Click on the action menu () against the line item or tactic name and select Clone.

(info) By default, when cloning a single line item, you will create one copy of the line-item, its child tactics, and targeting rules to the campaign. You may also select to copy any Partner Margin settings.

When cloning a single tactic, you will create one copy of the tactic for any line item within the campaign.

Viewing a Campaign's Ads and Audit Status

Click on the Ad icon for a line item or tactic.

  • The Ads window appears and shows all ads assigned to the selected line item or tactic. The three columns reflect the AD Name, AD ID, and Status.

  • To show the ad audit details, or to simply view all ads assigned to the campaign, click on Manage Ads atop the Ads window.

  • All ads assigned to the campaign will be displayed on the left. To view ad settings, audit details, or ad assignments, toggle between the corresponding tabs on the right. 

Learn more about Ad Assignment.

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