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Formats & Specifications

Let’s have a look at some general guidelines to be followed for managing the DSP Creatives:

SSL Compliant Ads

  • We recommend that you send SSL compliant creative ad tags and trackers for campaigns to ensure the broadest access to inventory and optimal performance for your campaigns running on the Zeta platform. Also, ensure that any third-party beacons trafficked into your creatives via your ad server are also SSL compliant (‘https:’). Note that SSL- compliant ad tags will also run on non-SSL ad inventory

  • Please reach out to your account manager for any questions you may have.

General Content Standards

  • White ads must have a distinct border to clearly identify where the page ends, and advertisement begins.

  • The sponsor of the advertising message must be clearly identified.

  • An ordinary person must be able to make an informed decision from the offers in the ad

  • It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that all product claims, warranties, guarantees or other assurances comply with applicable laws & regulations.

  • Destination Landing URLs must be crawlable for search engines (i.e. search engines have to be able to navigate to the page-- more info:


  • Ad unit and landing page must have detailed disclosures as appropriate; in particular, full terms and conditions of the offer must be easily accessible on the landing page.

Creative CANNOT:

  • Use “bait and switch” tactics, e.g. advertising that promotes an unavailable product or price as a means of luring the user into purchasing a different product.

  • Display false functionality - contain graphics that simulate interactivity where no such interactivity exists.

  • Resemble error messages or Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes.

  • Prompt a download (except for mobile app install campaigns).

Subjective Content:

  • Astrology, horoscopes, psychic services or other related services.

  • Creative MUST state that the service is for entertainment purposes only

  • Creative CANNOT imply that there are scientific groundings to such services and/or promises of wealth or good fortune.

  • All ringtone/cell phone offers must disclose the details of the service, particularly when the offer requires a subscription.

  • Ads for promotions (contests, sweepstakes, special offers):

    • Creative CANNOT imply that the promotion is approved or endorsed by any government or quasi-government entity?

    • MUST offer a fair opportunity for all entrants to win

    • Chance based promotions MUST clearly disclose that no purchase is necessary

    • CANNOT claim “everyone wins”, or suggest that user was specially selected to receive a prize

    • CANNOT suggest that a payment by the winner is necessary to claim a prize (except for applicable taxes)

    • MAY NOT imply that the mere act of clicking a button is sufficient to win (e.g. “Win a car! Click here!”)

  • Ads for food products must comply with applicable laws & regulations regarding definitions/restrictions on food-related descriptive words

  • The use of the word “Free” in any ad MUST fully comply with all state and federal guidelines, and disclose all material terms and conditions to obtain the free item; in particular, ad units which claim to offer “free gifts” which in fact require the user to sign up for one or more offers, trial subscriptions, etc., must disclose how many offers the user must complete before receiving the gift

  • CANNOT Suggest that the product alone is effective for weight loss or make any unrealistic claims about the amount of weight that can be expected from the product • MUST, where weight-loss claims are made or implied, contain a disclaimer such as “results not typical; individual results may vary”.

Unacceptable Content

We will not accept ads for the following products:

  • illegal narcotics

  • lotteries (other than official state lotteries sponsored by a U.S. state, e.g. Illinois State Lottery)

  • degrees for sale or offered by non-accredited universities or programs

  • loan products that require upfront fees

  • products/services that claim to repair bad credit

  • securities (stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, options, etc), insider tips on a particular stock or commodity.

Zeta Global Reserves the right to alter this guidance at any time including, but not limited to, guidance on technical ad specifications and prohibited categories of goods and services.

Creative Formats

Zeta does not allow ad creatives with formats that are intentionally misleading. Ads whose format is found to be intentionally misleading using methods including but not limited to video stuffing are subject to the Zeta malware policy.

Video Stuffing

  • Using display banner creative or VAST video creative to buy display banner inventory or video inventory that serves pre-roll content that syndicates video inventory ad requests to buyers on ad networks and video SSPs.

  • Using display banner creative or VAST video creative to buy display banner inventory or video inventory and serve/rotate multiple video ad creatives in succession.

In-Banner Video

  • Use of display banner creative to serve a video player without ending the animation after 15s with a call to action (separating this from Rich Media that uses video clips) or user interaction through expansion (excluding full-screen expansion).

Zeta Malware Policy

Malware delivered via advertising creatives degrades the advertising ecosystem, undermines Zeta’s relationship with supply partners, harms consumers, and negatively affects Zeta’s brand. Additionally, malware-infected machines may be used to generate money for fraudsters.

  • Zeta does not allow ad creatives that are infected with malware or can be used as a distribution vector for malware.

  • Ads that misrepresent themselves or ads that click through to landing pages that are infected with malware are not allowed.

  • Ads that are found to violate this policy will be disapproved from running on Zeta.

  • Accounts associated with ads that are found to violate this policy more than once will be suspended.

Creative Specifications

Creative Specifications

Reference this document to learn more:

Zeta DSP Spec Sheet June 2020.pdf

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