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FAQs (Creatives)

“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” - Eugene Jonesco

With the aim to respond to your needs more quickly and appropriately, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions about DSP Creatives.



On the Ad Cards settings screen, what is the difference between Ad vendors vs. Ad attributes?

  • Ad Vendor: Any Ad partner with an implementation within the Ad above and beyond the Ad Server. Examples include Brand Safety tools or Rich Media.

  • Ad Attributes: Include aspects of the creative including HTML5, expandable creative, etc. This section requires completion with at least one attribute.

Is there a preference to use JavaScript or iFrame tags?

In general, we prefer JavaScript tags. Overall Zeta DSP has seen lower discrepancies with third-party Ad Server data when using JavaScript creative tags.

Can I run non-clickable Ads through the Zeta DSP?

We do not allow Ads that are not clickable to be uploaded into our DSP. Ads that cannot be clicked, or that click through to a landing page unrelated to the creative message, will be flagged and you will be asked to modify them before they are submitted to Ad exchanges for auditing.

Can I deliver animated GIFs to mobile inventory?

Animated GIFs can be uploaded as image ads and run on mobile inventory without HTML5 formatting concerns. Just keep in mind that there is an additional spec recommendation of a max 15-second animation length and a max of 3 loops for the GIF animations. 

I noticed some Ad sizes are performing better than others. Should I pause or remove the under-performing Ad sizes?

Our models are always optimizing to the best performing Ads and Ad sizes. Additional Ad sizes help increase the volume of bid requests and improve the chances of delivery. Losing an entire Ad size could result in under-delivery. For this reason, it is best not to limit the Ad sizes you traffic to the campaign. If you want to help the under-performing Ad size, introducing a newly designed Ad for this size may benefit the campaign performance.

What is the maximum ad name character length?

 255 characters

Companion Banner



Are Companion Banner Ads static?

Ads can be static or dynamic. If you are uploading a video file, the Companion Banner will be uploaded as a separate creative in the DSP and linked to the Video creative via the Companion Ad selection.

Do not link a separate Companion Banner to a VAST tag, as this can interfere with delivery. If you plan on using VAST Video tags, it's best practice to traffic the Companion Banner along with the Video that is being trafficked in the Third-Party VAST Ad Server.

What sizes do they need to be?

Companion Banner size is 300x250.

Can I use a Third-Party Ad Server to track its performance?

Yes, you can create the Companion Banner Ad using a Third-Party Ad Server, and then traffic it as an HTML creative in the DSP. This option will only work if the Video creative is a raw asset and not a VAST tag.

Can I pull Companion Banner reporting?

Yes, the Report Builder has Companion Views, Companion Clicks, and Companion CTR as metrics.

Is there a benchmark performance goal that I should keep in mind?

Exchanges do not guarantee Companion Banner impressions or a 1:1 ratio of Video to Companion Banners. If a user with a high propensity score visits a page with Video, we will serve a Video Ad to that user regardless of the availability of a Companion Banner. There isn't a need to adjust performance goals based on the Companion Banner, as our models are optimizing towards the Video creative.

Is there an additional cost associated with running a Video campaign that has a Companion Banner?

Companion Banners are considered added value impressions. The Companion Banner will serve when the inventory allows for it, but it will not keep the DSP from bidding on valuable Video impressions that don't allow for companion ads.

If I use the same CPM bid as a Video campaign without a Companion ad, would it affect the pacing of my campaign?

Setting the CPM the same as a Video campaign without a Companion Ad is recommended and will not affect the pacing.

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