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Campaign Objectives

Digital campaigns can accomplish many objectives. Here are a few of them which you can set up for your campaign on DSP:




Conversion occurs when someone completes the objective of a campaign, e.g. fills out a form, enrolls in a program, makes a purchase, etc. This objective is most often used in direct response campaigns. In the second box enter the goal number of conversions.


Cost Per Acquisition. Enter the Target CPA in the Goals section.


Cost Per Click (on an Ad). Enter the Target CPC in the Goals section.


Cost Per Mille, i.e. cost per thousand Ad impressions. For example, $10 CPM means dividing 10 by 1000 to arrive at a cost of $0.01 per impression. Enter the goal cost in the second box.


Click-Through Rate, i.e. the number of clicks on Ads divided by the number of impressions of those Ads served. In the second box enter the goal click-through rate as a percentage.

Imp Day ROAS

Impression Day Return on Ad Spend, the return on Ad spend according to external data attributed to each impression day. In the second box enter the goal as a percentage.

Video Completion Rate

Percentage of visitors who watched a Video Ad to completion. In the second box add the goal as a percentage.

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