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Campaign Forecaster

The Campaign Forecaster is a feature that helps you view/access the Campaign Forecaster UI at any point during the campaign setup process, to keep track of available inventory during the campaign setup and the changes that could impact the projected avails.

This feature can be accessed from the Campaign Builder or Campaign Grid screens.


Campaign Builder

To Access the Campaign Forecaster from the Campaign Builder, click on the Action Menu() and select Campaign Forecaster.

(info) If you did not check the Campaign Forecaster during the campaign build, you will have an option to check the Campaign Forecaster after clicking on the Launch Button. You will get the following notification “Do you want to view the Campaign Forecaster?”

You can either:

  • Click to view the Campaign Forecaster


  • Click to Launch the Camapaign

Campaign Grid

To Access the Campaign Forecaster from the Campaign Grid, click on the Forecaster button located in the upper right-hand menu bar as shown below.

Campaign Forecaster UI

If an issue is found within the Campaign Forecaster the value will appear in RED Text

  • For Example, In the screenshot above the “Current Daily Impressions Target” column - amount 285,714 is highlighted in red with the following notification upon hover:

“The Line/Item Tactic is not likely to deliver the current daily impressions target in full due to lack of avails. Please adjust your targeting settings or assign additional ad sizes if possible to increase the number of available impressions.”

Example Shown Below:

Each column will have a specific alert based on the criteria listed and could change based on the column details

Campaign Forecaster Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar




When the selection is “Live”, the metrics displayed indicate the current projected numbers given the current campaign settings.

At Launch

When the selection is “At Launch”, the metrics displayed will indicate the projected values and campaign settings at the time the campaign was launched (i.e. the first time the user clicked the “Launch Campaign” button for the campaign).

This can be useful to compare actual delivery against the Campaign Forecaster metrics that were initially presented to the user prior to setting the campaign live.


By clicking the Export button a CSV file will download the details within the Campaign Forecaster UI.


By clicking the Filter button, users can filter the data by Line Items and Tactics - As the Line Items/Tactics are selected the numbers will populate, user can also click clear

and restart the selection.


By clicking the Refresh button, the data will refresh upon clicking.

Campaign Forecaster Columns




Object ID for the Campaign, Line Item, or Tactic.


UI Id for the Campaign, Line Item or Tactic.

Projected Daily Qualified Bid Requests

Indicates the number of daily qualified bid requests available for a Tactic given its current targeting settings.

Projected Daily Impressions

Indicates the number of daily impressions available for a Tactic given its current targeting settings.

Current Daily Impressions Target

This value indicates the Daily Impressions target for a Tactic given its current Pricing and Daily Budget settings.

When dCPM Pricing is used, then a range of Daily Impressions will be displayed, since the number of impressions delivered given the Daily Budget will range depending on the Min dCPM and Max dCPM settings


This tab will display all the campaign settings that were sent to the Forecaster service in order to generate the projected numbers displayed in the UI.

The Input column is broken down into 3 sections that mimic the same inputs available in the Forecaster UI:

  • (1) Channels (first icon)

  • (2) Targeting (2nd/bullseye icon)

The Forecaster does not support all Targeting restrictions, so whenever this is the case, a warning icon will be displayed to clarify which settings were not sent to the Forecaster service

  • (3) Goals (3rd/bar graph icon)

The Forecaster currently only supports Viewability and Video Completion Rate goals

This data includes all of the criteria that was sent to the Forecaster Service

The input will not support all targeting restrictions and you will see the following error (warning) if details are not available

Slice By

When clicking on Slice By the following page will render:

Users can Slice By the following criteria:

  • None

  • Channel

  • Country

  • State

  • DMA

  • Zip Code

  • Hour

  • Site

  • Open Exchange

  • Private Exchange

  • Ad Size

  • Audience - See Below

  • Audience - Tactic needs to have 2 or more audiences targeted in order to see this option within the Slice By Dropdown

For more information for Slicing By within the Forecaster: Click Here

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