The Zeta DSP shows all pixels for a single advertiser or campaign. 

Viewing an Advertiser's Pixels

  1. Navigate to the Zeta logo in the upper left corner, and then click the menu icon. The DSP shows a menu for Advertisers and Admin.

2. Select the Account that contains your advertiser, and then select your Advertiser

3. Click on Data Collection > Pixels.

4. The DSP will show all available pixels for the advertiser, along with the fields described below.

Pixels Grid Columns




Enter a name for the Pixel. Pixel names typically include the account (company) name, campaign name, and pixel type, separated by underscores. It's also useful to include the creation date. Later on, when someone is checking a Pixel deployed on a page it may help them to verify that what's installed is current.

For example: Dell Tablet Tracking Pixel March 2019


Enter a Description. This is optional but may be very useful later when trying to recall its function.

Tag Map Code

The DMP sets a Pixel's Tag Code, its unique identifier, By default, but if you prefer something easier to remember, you may choose an identifier yourself. The string of text is limited to letters, numbers, hyphens (minus) , and underscores (_).


The location where the pixel is to be deployed. Enter the pixel's landing page, for example, myveryownadvertisingcompany.com/products

Redirect URL

The URL the user should be directed at after clicking the pixel.


This indicates if a trigger is active on the pixel.


Amount of revenue earned
When you check this, the platform adds the _rev= parameter to the end of the code. You may then fill in a value or macro after the sign when editing the Pixel's code.

P Code

Unique identifier of the product type sold.

Order ID

Unique identifier of this particular transaction.

Loads: Yesterday

The number of times the pixel was loaded yesterday.

Uniques: Yesterday

Number of unique visitors who clicked the pixel yesterday.

Revenue: Yesterday

Amount of revenue generated from the pixel yesterday.

Loads: Last Week

The number of times the pixel was loaded last week.

Revenue: Last Week

Amount of revenue generated from the pixel last week.

Search Pixels

If you have many Pixels, find a one more easily by typing a few letters of its name into the Search

Viewing a Campaign's Pixels

Open the Goals and Tracking Tab of the Campaign Builder to view pixels assigned to the campaign.