Before you get started measuring and optimizing viewability on the platform please read through the setup recommendation chart below:

Viewability Setup Instructions Use Cases

The Setup Recommendations provide an answer tailored to various campaign setup options. Ask yourselves the questions in the column headers of the table below. If you want to do any combination of these tasks, the row contains the recommended setup for your campaign.

Are you using a third-party Ad Server to measure Viewability? 

Are you using a third-party MRC
Verification Vendor (IAS, DV, MOAT, ETC.)?

Does your campaign require MRC Viewability Measurement?

Does your campaign require Viewability data in the DSP?

Setup Recommendations

Yes or No




Check the Forecaster to ensure pricing and avails are satisfactory.
If pricing and avails are satisfactory:

  • Apply pre-bid viewability settings. Do not apply Viewability goals to campaign or line-items.

  • Apply a viewability goal to campaign or line-item (for multiple media formats please apply viewability goal at line-item level only).

  • Zeta suggests the following goals:

    • Viewability Only

    • Viewability + CTR

    • Viewability + Completion Rate

Yes or No




The DSP automatically applies MRC-accredited viewability measurement from these accredited third-party verification vendors: IAS and Moat.

  • Apply a viewability goal to campaign or line-item (for multiple media formats please apply viewability goal at line-item level only).

  • Zeta suggests the following goals:

    • Viewability Only

    • Viewability + CTR

    • Viewability + Completion Rate

Add Viewability Goals to a Campaign

To measure and optimize viewability in the DSP, you must add a Viewability goal to your Campaign, Line-item, or Tactic. Without such a goal, it is impossible for the DSP AI to optimize for viewability. For more information, see Assigning Viewability Goals. 


Zeta offers the ability to apply multiple goals to your campaigns, line-items, or tactics. This feature allows you to optimize against two or more goals. While achieving all of your goals is an ideal state, this feature allows you to ensure your most important goals are secured first. Benefits of applying multiple goals include:

  • Less manual monitoring of campaign delivery is necessary

  • Greater reach, value and effectiveness over data segments

After setting a Client Objective, you can assign specific Goals to campaigns and line-items. These direct the DSP artificial intelligence technology. Considerations to keep in mind when setting goals:

  • If your Client Objective was not CPA or CTR, click at least one goal that matches the Client Objective.

  • When you use multiple goals, the DSP AI pursues each goal separately. You may sometimes find that one goal dominates another. In this case, you can adjust the value of the dominant goal to make it less aggressive; this gives other goals more opportunity.

  • When you change elements during a campaign, the change is immediate, but the AI learning process can take time. It is wise to refrain from making further changes for a week or even longer to understand the full extent of the results.

When your campaign or line-item has multiple goals, you can set the priority of these goals.

Selecting a Campaign Objective

The Goals & Tracking tab of the Campaign Builder contains a menu that allows you to select the overall Campaign/Client Objective. 

Select the Client Objective from the list, and then enter the performance baseline that the campaign wants to achieve. This baseline differs based on the desired objective. For example, the goal might be "Conversions" and "1000" or a "CPA" and "$10". Only CPA and CTR objectives affect how the DSP AI drives the campaign.

Setting Goals on line-items and Tactics

Override campaign-level settings and set up goals for individual line-items and tactics by completing the following process:

  1. Click Goals & Tracking from the Campaign Builder menu. The DSP shows all line-items and tactics in the campaign.

  2. Each line shows a link icon which means it is inheriting the value from the campaign-level. When the line-item is not inheriting the campaign's goals, the inheritance link icon is updated as overridden.

  3. Navigate to the line-item or tactic you want to modify. Click the button to add a goal.

4. The DSP displays a pop-up that shows a list of goals that can be selected. Click on a goal to adjust it for that line-item.

5. Once a goal is selected, you can adjust the Type, Value, and Priority for that goal. Click Set to save the new goal or click Remove Goal to delete it. You can select multiple goals for each line-item.

Multi-Goal Campaign Recommendations

Your Objective

Suggested Primary Goal

Suggested Secondary Goal

Improve Brand Awareness


Video Completion Rate

Drive Engagement




  • For optimal performance, two goals are recommended. Do not add more than three goals.

  • Multiple goals cannot be selected from the same goal group (for example: CPC & CTR).

Viewability Optimization

The options below can help troubleshoot low viewability. 

  1. Set pricing appropriately. Zeta can provide pricing guidance.

  2. If your campaign has multiple goals applied, ensure the priority of those goals is not superseding viewability goals. Try lowering a completion rate goal. Alternatively, you can increase the viewability goal if other goals are being met.

  3. Ensure all ads are audited and approved.

  4. Focus on exchanges that yield high viewability results over the course of the last 7 days or more. Use the Legacy Report Builder to gather this data. If there are exchanges yielding low results, consider excluding those exchanges. This is usually one of the last optimizations we recommend as viewability isn't usually a whole exchange issue.

  5. For Video, use the player size restriction in Video targeting for those greater than 400x300. See Video Targeting.

  6. If using third-party Video tags, ensure they are VPAID JS (HTML 5) if wrapped by a Traffic Quality Targeting vendor. If these tags are not wrapped, they can be VPAID JS (HTML 5) or standard VAST with MP4 media files.

  7. Exclude sites with low viewability. If you are using integrated viewability measurement, we are happy to pull this information and provide recommendations. Review the Forecaster help determine if a site has high inventory that your campaign will need to deliver in full.

  8. Target desktop and mobile web inventory only, for both display and Video Ads. See Delivery Channel Targeting.