Exchange Category Targeting


Exchange Category targeting enables the inclusion or exclusion of particular content categories that are available on the Zeta (RFI), ADX, and AppNexus Ad Exchanges.

Getting Started

  1. Select Exchange Categories from the Pre-Bid Targeting pop-up in the DSP.

2. Select whether to Include the Categories selected, or to Exclude everything except the Exchange Categories selected.

3. Upon selecting the Exchange Categories you wish to target on RFI (Zeta), ADX, or APN (AppNexus), click the () to add them to the column on the right. 

4. Repeat this process until you have added all the desired Categories.

5. Click Save & Close when complete.

  • Find Categories by entering letters from their name into the search bar or by selecting them from the list.

  • To add a category, click its name. To remove a Category, click the X beside its name in the Selected list.