Delivery Channel Targeting


Delivery Channel targeting enables the inclusion or exclusion of particular delivery channels (i.e., Desktop, Mobile Applications, and Mobile Web). 

Getting Started

  1.  Select Delivery Channels from the Pre-Bid Targeting pop-up in the DSP.

2. Click the menu atop the screen and select Include or Exclude.

3. Select the appropriate Delivery Channel(s) you wish to target or restrict.

4. Click Save & Close when complete.

Delivery Channels



Mobile App

Ads displayed within mobile applications.

Mobile Web

Ads displayed in a web browser, but on a mobile device (phone or tablet).


Ads displayed in a web browser on a desktop or laptop device.

The Delivery Channel targeting feature allows you to either target or exclude a set of devices, but not to target some and exclude others. In effect, targeting certain channels means the AI is less likely to present Ads on the others. Conversely, excluding a set of channels means that only the other types of channels will see Ads.