A tactic exists within a line-item. Tactics are the most granular operational unit in the DSP. Line-items can include more than one tactic. A tactic has Ads assigned to it, and it may also have its own targeting rules.

Tactics enable grouping a set of advertisements with the same narrow objective; for example, all sizes of a particular type of Ad. Tactics can be useful for comparison purposes, for example, comparing the performance of two different sets of Advertisements.

Adding Tactics

Tactics can be added to new or existing campaigns via The Campaign Builder.

  1. Open the Campaign Builder by clicking Campaign Setup.

  2. Locate the Line-items & Tactics tab.

  3. Click + Tactic next to the parent line-item.

Managing Tactics

  1. You can view a list of assigned tactics for a line-item by clicking the (>) on The Campaign Grid. 

  2. Click the Tactic Name to view the Tactic Details window.

  • Optional: Click the toggle in the Status section to pause (or resume) the tactic.

  • Optional: Rename the tactic in the Tactic Name box.

  • Optional: Make any changes to the tactic.

  3. Click Save.

Assign Ads to a Tactic

Assign Ads to tactics in new or existing campaigns via The Campaign Builder. Reference Set Up and Assign Ads for more information. 

  1. Open the Campaign Builder by clicking Campaign Setup icon on the Campaign Grid.

  2. Select the Ads tab.

  3. Click Manage Ads in the Ad Assignment section.

4. Assign ads to the tactic by:

  • Select the Ads in the list of Available Ads.

  • Select the Tactics in the list on the right side of the window.

  • Click Assign.

  • Click Save.

5. Remove ads from tactics by clearing the selections on this window and clicking Save.

Audit Ads by Tactic

The Ad Assignment window displays the audit status of the Ads on each of your tactics.

Manage Tactic-Level Targeting

Assign targeting rules to tactics in new or existing campaigns via The Campaign Builder. Learn more about Targeting.

  1. Open the Campaign Builder by clicking Campaign Setup on The Campaign Grid.

  2. Navigate to the Targeting tab.

  3. Click (+) next to a tactic name to add an additional targeting type. Click the inherited icon to override any inherited targeting. Reference Set Targeting within The Campaign Builder for additional details.

Viewing Tactic Diagnostics and Bidding Stats

  1. Click next to the line-item or tactic name and select Diagnostics or Bidding Stats. 

2. When choosing Diagnostics (via the tactic level), a window pops up with the following data:

3. When choosing Bidding Stats (via the line-item or tactic level), a window pops up with the following data:

4. When you have finished with the pop-up, click Close.

Archive a Tactic

You can archive any line-item or tactic that has not yet begun delivery. Each campaign must have at least one non-archived line-item.

To do this, navigate to the line-item or tactic within the Campaign Grid and click and then select Archive.

Creating a Retargeting Tactic

The DSP can let you set up a tactic designed to retarget end-users captured by any of your company's or campaign's pixels.

  1. Create a new tactic within your campaign via The Campaign Builder.

  2. Add "Retargeting" to the title of the tactic so you can find it easily.

  3. Apply Audience Targeting to the tactic.

4. On the Audience Targeting screen, select Pixels.

5. Select the pixels you want to target and save your targeting. We recommend using the Includes ANY of the Following (OR) setting for maximum avails.

6. Assign ads to this tactic and run it as usual.