There are times when when users decide they want to use the pixel and its learnings from one Advertiser on campaigns under another Advertiser.

An example use case where sharing pixels between Advertisers may benefit campaigns is when a client’s campaigns are split between at least two Advertisers to manage different types of campaigns (holiday vs non-holiday, brand 1 vs brand 2, etc.). In this scenario, there would be value in sharing the general landing pixel from the client’s main homepage across all related Advertisers so all of the client’s campaigns can benefit from the one pixel’s data.


  1. Navigate through the DSP user interface to the Pixel you want to share with another Advertiser.

  2. Enter the Pixel edit screen.

  3. Referring to the following screenshot, locate the “Share with Accounts” text field.

  4. Begin typing the name or ID of the Advertiser you want to share the Pixel with and tick the checkbox next to the name as it appears in the filtered list below the field.

  5. Click the “Save” button in the lower right hand corner.

Sharing Pixel FAQs



Can I use pixels from another Advertiser or Account?

Yes, pixels can be shared from one Advertiser to another Advertiser via the pixel settings. Open the Pixel (as described above), and then click into the “Share with Accounts” field, and search for the needed Advertiser using its name or ID.

It is recommended that pixels are not shared with the same Advertiser in which they were created. Doing so will create duplicates of the pixel for this Advertiser in the pixels list.

Can I use shared pixels on multiple Campaigns?

Yes, you may assign shared pixels to multiple campaigns.

Why would I re-purpose pixels instead of creating new?

Pixels collect a large amount of data and learnings that can be beneficial for our models. If the pixels are already placed on a page and have been firing for some time, it would be ideal to leave these pixels on the page and utilize the learnings rather than starting fresh. Additionally, getting pixels placed and firing properly can require significant lead time.

I shared pixels into a new company, but I don't see them in Analyze Pixels in the new Advertiser

Pixel fire data can only be found under “Advertiser Analytics > Pixels” in the original Advertiser where the pixel was created.

I am trying to select the shared pixels in the Forecaster and I don't see them

You will need to use the Forecaster tool under the shared pixel's original Advertiser to pull avails.