Organization targeting can be used in many ways. A frequent one is to anti-target the advertiser's own site(s).

For example, suppose you are a University trying to increase admission applications.

Many visitors to your site are interested in the university, but probably they are already in attendance there, or even if not, the site already features its own Ads. It's not necessary to feature additional Ads as well.

Use Organizations targeting with care. Many organizations do not operate their own Internet servers, but outsource this function to an IP provider.

As a consequence, the IP address the Zeta bidding technology sees from the Ad exchange may not make it possible to identify the actual organization.

Another consequence is that organizations targeting tends to show very few users in The Forecaster.

In addition, targeting users by their organizations tends to only catch them during their working hours and not, say, when they're at home in the evening catching up on the news, thus working against the technology's ability to Score the Moment.

Getting Started

Use Organizational targeting to target or exclude organizations by name rather than web address (as with Sites Targeting). These can include companies, governmental organizations, and others.

  1. Select Organizations from the Pre-Bid Targeting pop-up in the DSP.

2. Begin typing the name of an Organization in the search box to show available results. Choose whether to Include or Exclude these Organizations from the campaign. 

3. Select the desired Organization(s) to add them to the column on the right. Included Organizations will be highlighted blue, whereas Excluded Organizations will be highlighted red.

4. Click Save & Close when complete.