Create and manage frequently used report configurations with the My Templates page. My Templates is located at each level in Zeta DSP: Account, Advertiser, and Campaign.

Regardless of the level you are in, the My Templates page will display all of you report templates in a single grid to easily manage.

The difference between a saved report and a saved template is the inclusion of a custom date range.

Create a Template

  1. Open the New Report Builder at your desired level within Zeta DSP.

  2. Configure your report to include all desired metrics, dimensions, currency, and chart settings. For more information on how to build a report, visit the new Report Builder User Guide.

  3. When you’ve made all of your selections click Save in the top toolbar of the Report Builder.

  4. Enter a name for your Template and select the elements to include in your template.

  5. Click Save when complete.

  6. Voila! Your Template will now appear in the My Templates grid.

Fetch a Template

  1. Navigate to Account, Advertiser, or Campaign Analytics

  2. Select My Templates within the Analytics menu

My Templates Page Features

My Templates include an interactive grid to help you manage all your templates quickly and conveniently.

The grid rows represent each of your templates.

The grid columns show the following metrics per Template:

  1. Template Name

  2. Product Type

  3. Lookback

  4. Dimensions

  5. Metrics

  6. Currency

  7. Created On

Users can Delete and View a Template by clicking on the ellipsis within each row:

Selecting Delete will prompt a popup

Selecting View will open your template in the new Report Builder


What are all of the Dynamic Date Range (AKA Lookback) selections?

Great Question! Dynamic Date Range options include the following:

  1. Today

  2. Yesterday

  3. Last Week

  4. Last 2 Days

  5. Last 3 Days

  6. Last 4 Days

  7. Last 5 Days

  8. Last 7 Days

  9. Last 14 Days

  10. Last 28 Days

  11. This Month

  12. Last 30 Days

  13. Last Month

  14. Last 2 Months

  15. Last 3 Months

  16. Last 6 Months

  17. Week To Date

  18. Quarter to Date

  19. Year to Date