My Reports is a part of the Zeta DSP Analytics Suite and available for users to manage their previously Scheduled Reports and/or saved Ad Hoc Reports that they created.

To navigate to My Reports follow the steps below:

  1. Open Zeta DSP

  2. Select an Account

  3. Select a Campaign

  4. Hover over Campaign Analytics within the breadcrumb or in-page navigation (shown below)

  5. Select My Reports to open the page

My Reports are available at all Levels within the DSP Platform:

  • Company/Account

  • Campaign

  • Line Item


Use the expand/collapse icon to show child reports run under a parent Scheduled Report.


Use the search bar within each column to narrow the table to show only certain values.

Table Columns


This denotes the status of the scheduled report. Status options are: 

  1. Green: This report is actively running.

  2. Gray: The end date for this scheduled report has passed.

  3. Red: There was an error running this instance of the scheduled report.

  4. Blank: This is a child of a scheduled report.


The name of the report given when the user saved or scheduled a report for the first time.

Product Type

Shows the Product Type that the report is reporting on. Options include:

  • DSP

  • Partner Media

  • Site Optimization


The cadence that the scheduled report is being delivered. Cadence options are as follows:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

Run Date

The date that the report was last run.

Start Date

The Start Date of Scheduled Report.

End Date

The End Date of Scheduled Report.

Editing a Scheduled Report

  1. Users can edit a Scheduled report

  2. Click - the (..) Menu

  3. Click - Edit

  4. Make Changes

  5. Click Schedule