The Model Attributes report "opens the hood" of the models used on your campaign. It shows each feature and attribute used to make decisions by Zeta's AI, and how these attributes are scoring for your campaign. This report can be filtered to show the data gathered by the individual models used in your campaign. The Highlights section provides bullets of summary text about what the model has learned, and which features are providing the most impact.
A data grid view and export are also available.

This report is mapped out along an Impact Index Metric. This measures how likely the presence of an attribute is to have on a campaigns desired outcome. The baseline of this index is 100. An index of 200 means an attribute is twice as likely to lead to a click or conversion, but an index of 50 means it is half as likely.

Each individual attribute mapped out as a dot along the Impact Index. Green are more likely, red is less likely. By default, Features are collapsed. Hover over a feature row to see how the attributes in that feature are performing. Expand a feature to view individual attributes and their specific scores. Rollover any attribute's score to see an expanded tooltip with ranking and index score. 

Video Completion Rate and Viewability Models are not supported.

Impact Index

The impact index is a score applied to an individual attribute's model coefficient value. It indicates how predictive the presence or absence of a given attribute is relative to the model's goal (click or conversion). An index of 200 means, other things being equal, showing an ad to a user with that attribute is twice more likely to result in the outcome the model is optimizing towards than not showing the ad. An index of 50 means, other things being equal, showing an ad to a user with that attribute is half as likely to result in the outcome the model if optimizing towards.

Opening the Model Attributes Report

  1. Navigate to the DSP logo in the upper left corner. The DSP shows a menu for Advertisers and Admin.

2. Select the Account that contains your advertiser, and then select your Advertiser. The DSP shows all the Advertiser's campaigns.

3. Select the campaign you would like to view from the list.

4. With the campaign open, click the caret next to Manage Campaign (atop the page), and then click Campaign Analytics > Report Builder > Models > Model Attributes

The Model Attributes Report

  1. The Model Attributes Report shows each feature category in a row, along with the number of attributes. The main display shows a dot for each attribute. It is mapped along the impact index.

  2.  Attributes with a positive effect have a green dot.

    1. Attributes with a negative effect have a red dot.

Hover over a feature to view the Summary tooltip. This tooltip shows the feature's total number of attributes, the total number of positive attributes, the total number of negative attributes, along with the index of the most and least impactful attributes.

3. Click the caret (>) next to a feature to expand the feature and display a row for each attribute. The impact index is shown for each attribute. Hover over any attribute's index score to view details on the attribute's effect on your campaign.

Summary Highlights

Click Highlights in the lower-left corner to view the most impactful attributes in a bulleted list. This helps you get a concise (and easily copied) view into the most important attributes for your campaign. By default, five positive and negative attributes appear.

Click Show More under either bulleted list to view ten.

Select a Model

Click the Analyzing model list, and then select which model to show in the report. The report automatically updates to see how each attribute is scored by the model.


The Model Attributes report displays data for many different features and attributes. Filter these attributes by category using the following process:

  1. Click the Filter icon in the upper-left of the screen.

    1. A panel slides out, that allows you to filter by feature or index range.

    2. Select the checkbox next to any Feature to see only attributes in that Feature.

  2. Enter a minimum and/or maximum Index Range to filter the report to show only attributes within that range. You can enter only a minimum or maximum.

Click the Search icon, and then enter a search term. The report shows only the rows that match your search term. You can search for an attribute or feature name.

View the Data in a Grid

  1. Click the graph icon in the upper right corner, and then select Summary Data.

2. The platform shows all of the same data from the Graph view but laid out in a table.


Click the Options icon to view the Options menu.

This feature is currently disabled. In future releases, the following options will be available:

  • Grid Settings — Select the Table Columns that appear on the grid.

  • Export — Click Export to create a  .CSV file of your report.




The Model Attributes tool never stops loading. What should I do?

We've noticed this happens from time to time. While we work to fix the issue, if you hard refresh, you'll be good to go!

What isn't included in the Model Attributes tool?

Video Completion Rate and Viewability Models are not supported on the Model Attributes page.

Video Completion Rate and Viewability Models are not supported.