Ad Assignment


After you've created Ads for an Advertiser, you can assign those ads to line-items and tactics via The Campaign Builder. The Ad Assignment page allows you to manage how Ads are assigned throughout the life of your campaign.

Managing Ad Assignment

  1. Within The Campaign Builder, select the Ads tab located on the left-hand side.

2. Click + Assign Ads to begin assigning Ads to line-items and tactics within your campaign. 

3. The Assign Ads window will appear:

4. The Ads Available list (on the left) displays all Unassigned Ads. To assign creatives to your campaign, individually select the Ads (on the left), as well as their respective line-items and tactics (on the right) and click Assign ()

5. Repeat these steps to assign all creatives to the campaign. 

6. Click Save (located in the upper-right corner) when complete. 


  • Unassign Ads by clicking the X next to the Ad Name in the main panel.

  • Re-assign Ads that are already assigned by selecting them from the Assigned Ads list in the lower-right corner.

Audit Ads by Tactic

  1. Open the Ads tab of The Campaign Builder. 

2. The Ad Assignment window will reflect the Audit Status of the Ads assigned to each of your tactics. 

3. After creating and assigning Ads to your campaign, you can either Launch the campaign or configure Advanced Settings, if applicable.