The Line-Items & Tactics page displays all line-items (and tactics) within the campaign.

Viewing Available Line-Items

  1. Navigate to the DSP logo in the upper-left corner and click the menu icon. The DSP shows a menu for Advertisers and Admin.

  2. Select the Account that contains your advertiser, and then select your Advertiser.

  3. The DSP will display all of the Advertiser's campaigns.

  4. Select a campaign and click the Campaign Options button located in the top-right corner of The Campaign Grid.

5. Click the Line-Items & Tactics tab within The Campaign Builder. You can edit any line-item details on this page. 

Filter Line-Items

Click the Filter icon in the upper-left corner of The Campaign Grid to view the filtering options.

Bulk Upload Line-Items & Tactics

  1. Navigate to the Line-Items and Tactics tab within The Campaign Builder.

  2. Click the icon at the top of the page to begin bulk uploading line-items and tactics.

3. The DSP will open a window that provides the option to Upload a Template or Download a Template.

4. Select Download Template to export an Excel file of the objects created.

5. Fill out the required fields for Type, Name, Parent, Pricing, and Pricing Value for each line-item or tactic. Save the file when complete. 

6. Once the document has been filled out with all line-items and tactics, select the Upload Line/Tactic Template and add the file to complete the bulk upload process.

Manually add additional line-items and tactics to the Excel file as needed for bulk upload.

Setting Goals on Line-Items and Tactics

Override campaign-level settings and set up goals for individual line-items and tactics by completing the following process:

  1. Click Goals & Tracking from The Campaign Builder menu. The DSP shows all line-items and tactics in the campaign.

  2. Each line shows a link icon, which means it is inheriting the value from the campaign-level. When the line-item is not inheriting the campaign's goals, the inheritance link icon is updated as overridden.

  3. Navigate to the line-item or tactic you want to modify. Click the (plus) button to add a goal.

4. The DSP displays a pop-up that shows a list of goals that can be selected. Click on a goal to adjust it for that line-item.

5. Once a goal is selected, you can adjust the Type, Value, and Priority for that goal. Click Set to save the new goal or click Remove Goal to delete it. You can select multiple goals for each line-item.

Multi-Goal Campaign Recommendations

Your Objective

Suggested Primary Goal

Suggested Secondary Goal

Improve Brand Awareness


Video Completion Rate

Drive Engagement



  • For optimal performance, two goals are recommended. Do not add more than three goals.

  • Only one goal can be selected from each goal group (for example: CPC & CTR).