Advertiser Audiences can be syndicated to various ecosystem partners. Zeta has already integrated with these technology providers to transmit user data to them based on audiences built in the platform. Each audience can be syndicated to multiple partners. The Syndication page provides a means to view the status and configuration of the syndications.

Viewing Syndications

  1. In the left-hand menu, select Integrations > Syndications.

2. When you open the Syndications page, all available syndications will be displayed in the grid, similar to the screenshot(s) below. The Syndication Fields table (below) contains descriptions of each column.

3. Click a Syndication name to view details or performance.

Syndication Fields




Indicates if the audience is appropriate for Display, Video, Social, Email, etc.

Syndication Name

User-generated Syndication name.

Syndication ID

System-generated ID unique to each Syndication.

Audience ID

System-assigned ID unique to each audience.


The name of the Audience being syndicated.


Partner to which the data is sent.

Syndication Method

Syndications may be "Direct", meaning the data is sent directly from Zeta to the partner, or they may use a third-party intermediary, such as LiveRamp or eXelate.

Matched Uniques: Last 30 Days

Aggregate number of matched cookie IDs pushed to partner the last 30 days.

Est Internet Uniques

The Estimated Internet Uniques metric is a prediction of the size of a given attribute based on the number of cookies that have had that attribute over the last 30 days.

Integration Code

The URL to submit information to the Partner.


The current status of the syndication. When the user has finished setting up a syndication in the platform, select Pending and the syndication is Zeta begins QA on the setup. You will be alerted when the syndication has been set to Active. When the end date for the syndication has passed, its status changes to Completed and the Audience is no longer being sent to the syndication partner. Completed syndications are maintained for historical data.

  • Active

  • Pending

  • Paused

  • Completed

Start Date

Date upon which the data syndication should begin, and data will be sent to Partner.

End Date

Date upon which the data syndication should begin, and data will be sent to Partner.


The third-party data cost.

Add a New Syndication

  1. Click + Syndication in the upper-right corner.

2. Complete the New Syndication window. See the Syndication Fields table for descriptions of each column.

3. Select the Cross-Device checkbox to enable Cross-Device management.

4. Click Save. The syndication will be added to the list of syndications.

Edit Syndication Details

  1. Click a Syndication name to view the Syndication Settings panel.

  2. Click Edit.

3. Edit any fields as necessary.

4. Click Save.

View Syndication Performance

  1. Click a syndication name to view the Syndication Settings panel.

  2. Click the Performance tab. A chart displays showing uniques and match partner uniques for the last 30 days. Hover over a bar to view details.

Export Syndication Data

Click the Export icon in the upper-right corner of the Syndications page. The DSP will generate a CSV file with information on all of your syndications.