Get immediate alerts for data import and export fluctuations. DMP alerts allow users rapid notification of issues with file imports, syndicated audiences, or deployed membership tags.

Viewing Alerts

  1. Navigate to the DSP logo in the upper left corner. The DSP will display a menu for Advertisers and Admin.

2. Select the Account that contains your advertiser, and then select your Advertiser. The DSP shows all the advertiser's campaigns.

3. After selecting an Advertiser, click Integrations > Alerts.

4. All available alerts will be listed in the grid, along with the fields listed below.

Alert Field Descriptions



Alert Name

User-generated descriptive name for the Alert


A unique identifier for the alert


Indicates the status of the alert, either Draft or Live


Indicates what advertiser the alert pertains to.

Alert Type

Indicates if this is a File Import, Syndication, or Membership alert


The date the alert was originally configured.


The date the alerts was last modified.

Create New Syndication Alert

  1. Click + Alert and then select New Syndication Alert Configuration.

2. The New Syndication Alert window appears.

3. Enter a name, status, and advertiser in the Basic Settings section.

4. Set the conditions for the Alert Definition. Select an option from the Alert me if the syndication requests field. The available options change based on your selection.

  • Increase by: Enter a percentage threshold at which the alert will fire.

  • Decrease by: Enter a percentage threshold at which the alert will fire. For example, if the number of memberships decreases by 50% from the previous day.

  • Drop to 0: Select this to be alerted if there are no membership calls for an entire day.

5. Select the Send Alerts Via Email option to enable the alert.

6. Click Save.