“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” - Eugene Jonesco

With the aim to respond to your needs more quickly and appropriately, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions about Zeta Analytics.



[Metrics & Dimensions Dictionary] There's a metric or dimension listed here that I don't see in DSP. How can I get access to it?

Great question! If there is a metric or dimension you’re curious about, reach out to your Zeta Account team to learn more.

[Report Library] Why can't I change the date for the segments - Count & Unique Users?

The Report Type Segments - Count & Unique Users is checking counts as they exist for that segment, so there is no need to pull more than one day. 

[Report Library] Can I select more that one report at a time?

Yes, you can select more than one report at a time except for Segments - Count & Unique Users, Pixel URL Fires, and Conversion Pixel URL Fires. 

[Report Library] How will I receive my reports?

You will receive one email per report you request. For example, if you request all four Geography Performance Report Types, then you will get four emails, each with one of the Geography Performance reports attached. 

[Report Library] How are reports emailed to me?

All Report Library reports are sent via email using the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP). The From address is notifications@support.zetaglobal.net which is used for all emailed reports from the Zeta DSP.

[Report Library] How long will it take for the report to be delivered to the recipient?

The recipient will receive the report within 24 hours

[Report Library] Are the unique user counts completely distinct to each given date, with no duplication with adjoining days?

The unique users count day over day is unique to each day. The report will pull distinct users and all impressions by date and broken out by campaign, line item, and tactic. This means the results will show all impressions in one column and Unique Reach (all unique users who saw an impression) for each individual day.

[Report Library] If a user is delivered several impressions over several days, is that user only counted once, or would that one user be counted once on each day they're served at least one impression?

If a user is served several impressions over several days, they are counted for each impression served on each day. Zeta counts that user once for each day. For example, a user who sees five impressions every day from Monday to Wednesday. The report would show 5 impressions each day but show one unique on Monday, one unique on Tuesday, 1one unique on Wednesday.

[Report Library] What is a "day" in Report Library?

A day in Report Library is from 12:00 a.m. EST to 11:59 p.m. EST.

[Report Library] There is a discrepancy between my Report Library report and my counts in Report Builder. What do I do?

All reporting tools have an accepted discrepancy rate of up to 5%. If the discrepancy is larger than this, please follow up with the Account or Support Teams.

[Report Library] My Report Library report doesn’t match my invoice. What do I do?

All reports derived from our reporting tools are not suitable for billing purposes.

[My Templates] What are all of the Dynamic Date Range (AKA Lookback) selections?

Great Question! Dynamic Date Range options include the following:

  1. Today

  2. Yesterday

  3. Last Week

  4. Last 2 Days

  5. Last 3 Days

  6. Last 4 Days

  7. Last 5 Days

  8. Last 7 Days

  9. Last 14 Days

  10. Last 28 Days

  11. This Month

  12. Last 30 Days

  13. Last Month

  14. Last 2 Months

  15. Last 3 Months

  16. Last 6 Months

  17. Week To Date

  18. Quarter to Date

  19. Year to Date