Exchange Category targeting enables the inclusion or exclusion of particular content categories that are available on the Zeta (RFI), ADX, and AppNexus Ad Exchanges.

Getting Started



1-Select Exchange Categories from the Pre-Bid Targeting pop-up in the DSP

2-Select whether to Include the Categories selected, or to Exclude everything except the Exchange Categories selected

3-Upon selecting the Exchange Categories you wish to target on RFI (Zeta), ADX, or APN (AppNexus), click the to add them to the column on the right

4-Repeat this process until you have added all the desired Categories

5-Click Save & Close when complete

  • Find Categories by entering letters from their name into the search bar or by selecting them from the list.

  • To add a category, click its name. To remove a Category, click the X beside its name in the Selected list.