Delivery Channel targeting enables the inclusion or exclusion of particular delivery channels (i.e., Desktop, Mobile Applications, and Mobile Web). 

Getting Started



 Select Delivery Channels from the Pre-Bid Targeting pop-up in the DSP

2-Click the menu atop the screen and select Include or Exclude

4-Click Save & Close when complete.

Delivery Channels



Mobile App

Ads displayed within mobile applications.

Mobile Web

Ads displayed in a web browser, but on a mobile device (phone or tablet).


Ads displayed in a web browser on a desktop or laptop device.

The Delivery Channel targeting feature allows you to either target or exclude a set of devices, but not to target some and exclude others. In effect, targeting certain channels means the AI is less likely to present Ads on the others. Conversely, excluding a set of channels means that only the other types of channels will see Ads.