The CTV Content Object targeting feature allows to target specific inventory with data in the content object of the bid request with the following parameters:

Targeting Guide

Target Type



  • 24 selectable options

  • Limited inventory matches (less than 60% coverage)


  • Based on language configured for the TV

  • Predominantly English


  • Either 'live' TV airing through OTT/CTV or ‘on-demand’ content

  • Large coverage on inventory (over 80%)

Content Length

  • Three options: ‘Less Than 30’, ‘Thirty Min Plus’, 'One Hr Plus’

  • Based on length of CTV content (e.g. Typical 1 hour and 30 minute movie would fall under ‘One Hr Plus’)

  • If above options applied this will only filter CTV inventory requests

  • This feature is currently not supported in Forecaster