This screen displays the paths customers took to conversion and the relative frequency of each pathway. 

1-At the Campaign level, click Manage Campaign (atop the page) > Campaign Analytics > Cross-Device > Cross-Device Pathways to view the report.

2-Click the Date Picker to select a date range. The platform updates the graphs to use only data from this time period.

3-Navigate to the Device Pathways drop-down in the Touchpoints area, and select to use one of the following: All Device PathwaysMultiple Device Pathways Only, or Single Device Pathways Only.

Check the Show website activity box to include tracking events, i.e. when a tracking pixel detected the customer on the advertiser’s website. Clear the box to focus on just impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Column Descriptions

Percent shared

The values in this column indicate the percentage of all conversions that followed the corresponding pathway. You can use this column to sort the table.

Conversion Pathways

This column displays the paths customers took to conversion. A path can include many different devices and different types of devices. The platform indicates device type via icon and label. As the figure above shows, types include Desktop, Android tablet, Android phone, iPad, and iPhone. The devices in this column also indicate the type of interaction, according to the following legend:

  • AdView -The customer viewed one of the campaign’s Ads.

  • AdClick - The customer clicked on one of the campaign’s Ads.

  • Conversion - The customer converted.

  • Website Activity - Zeta tracked the customer on Advertiser’s website via a tracking pixel.

When a customer has more than one interaction with the same type of device, these interactions do not necessarily represent the same physical device.

Converting Device

This column displays the device of conversion. You can sort this column, which allows you to order your devices by conversions. 


This column displays the actual number of conversions that followed the corresponding pathway. This uses the Advertiser XD Conversion metric. 


Click Export to save the current Pathways table to a CSV file appropriate for viewing with spreadsheet software. The file name is Pathways is followed by the Advertiser name.