Unified profiles correspond to the users that Zeta recognizes on more than one device. Use this screen to see how frequently the Zeta AI takes advantage of the cross-device information.

1-At the Campaign level, click Manage Campaign (atop the page) > Campaign Analytics > Cross Device > Cross-Device Influence to view the report.

2-Click the Date Picker to select a date range. The platform updates the graphs to use only data from this time period.

3-The report contains four graphs, each displayed below.


This graph breaks down the impressions the campaign served to Unified Profiles vs. those served to Single-Device Profiles.


This graph displays Campaign Spend to Unified Profiles vs. Single-Device Profiles. 

Cross-Device CPA

Displays Cost per Action for Unified Profiles vs. Single-Device Profiles. For example, the figure above reflects that Zeta delivered at a CPA of $0.67 to consumers having Unified (cross-device) Profiles, as compared to a CPA of $1.30 to consumers having only Single-Device Profiles. 

Cross-Device Conversion Rate

Displays Conversion Rate for Unified Profiles vs. Single-Device Profiles. As the AI leverages the cross-device profile data to drive the most efficient outcome, only 1-3% of these unified users actually see a particular campaign’s ads on more than one device.