The platform displays the ad delivery mix of devices for the current campaign as a Venn diagram. Areas of overlap indicate the number and percentage of users who have been identified and measured on the overlapping devices.

1-At the Campaign level, click Manage Campaign (atop the page) > Campaign Analytics > Cross-Device > Cross-Device Exposure to view the report.

2-Select an option from the Metrics drop-down.

3-Click the Date Picker to select a date range. The platform updates the graphs to use only data from this time period.


The Metrics menu allows you to change the metrics in the diagram. Options include Impressions, Clicks, Spend, Conversions, CPA, Cross-Device Conversions and Cross-Device CPA.

Mobile OS

Select Android or iOS to choose the operating system data in the graph:

  • Android - Display only data for desktops and Android devices.

  • iOS - Display only data for desktops and IOS devices.

  • All:- Display data for all operating systems, including desktops, Android, and iOS


For campaigns using a currency other than the US dollar, click the currency type to use in the diagram.