An ad’s creative review statuses determine whether an ad can deliver and what exchange(s) it can deliver on. Statuses include:

  • Validation Status

  • Internal Status

  • Confiant Status

  • Xandr Status

  • AdX Status

Viewing Creative Review Status

You can view your ad’s audit statuses in multiple places in the DSP. For more information on status definitions, please continue reading below in Status Breakdown.

The Campaign Grid

On the main screen of your campaign (Manage Campaign), each of your line items will show a number specifying the assigned ads.

Click on the number cell and a popup screen will show the Internal, AdX, and Xandr statuses of ads assigned to the line.

Ads Beta

View the creative review status in summary within the campaign or advertiser level Ads Beta page. Hovering over the status will show any feedback from the review process.

You may need to add the creative review status columns in the grid by clicking the gear icon on the top right of the grid and selecting each of the columns.

Alternatively, click on an individual ad to get more information. In the popup window to the right, you can see more details on audit if you click on the third icon (the bar graph). Here, you can scroll and see information on Internal Review Status, Validation Status, Confiant Status, APX Status, and ADX Audit Status. This window also shows the feedback for the statuses.

Campaign Builder - Ads tab

The Ads section of Campaign Builder includes Internal, AdX, and Xandr creative review statues. By default, the information is summarized by line item. Click on the > icon next to the line to see this information by tactic or advertisement level. Hover over the colored bubbles for more details.

Status Breakdown

Audit Status


Statuses and Effect on Ad Delivery

Validation Status 

This step validates an ad’s settings. Checks performed at this stage include: proper click macro insertion, landing URL is valid, name is unique within the advertiser, etc.

  • Pending: Advertisement is currently being validated

  • Passed: Advertisement was successfully validated, creative review process continues

  • Rejected: Advertisement failed validation, review feedback to make needed adjustments

Confiant Status

The advertisement is sent to our malware scanning partner to detect potential malware, phishing, or other bad acting functions.

  • Pending: Advertisement is currently being validated. The Ad is still pending a review from Zeta's in-house ad auditing system.

  • Passed: Advertisement was successfully scanned without any flags, internal review status set to Passed

  • Rejected: Advertisement failed scan and/or flags were detected, internal and external review statuses set to Rejected

Internal Status

Internal review reflects the statuses of the validation and Confiant (malware) scan steps rolled into one. It determines whether or not the advertisement is eligible to bid on exchanges other than AdX and Xandr, who have a separate external review step.

  • Pending: Advertisement is currently under review

  • Passed: Advertisement is eligible to bid on non AdX and Xandr exchanges. Please see the section below titled “Exchanges That Serve Your Ads”

  • Rejected: Advertisement failed and is not eligible to bid, review feedback and validation status to make needed adjustments

AdX Audit Status and Xandr Audit Status
(External Review)

The advertisement is sent to the AdX and Xandr exchanges to be reviewed by their respective creative scanning systems and processes. Zeta DSP has integrations with Google AdX and Xandr (formally AppNexus) to receive audit feedback on whether the advertisement is clear to serve on the exchange or does not pass the exchange requirements.

  • Pending: Advertisement is currently under review by the AdX and/or Xandr exchange

  • Passed: Advertisement is eligible to bid on the AdX and/or Xandr exchange

  • Rejected: Advertisement failed AdX and/or Xandr scan and is not able to bid on the Rejected exchange, review feedback and make necessary adjustments.

If no rejection reason is listed, reach out to your Account Manager or Zeta Support for assistance in resolving the rejection. Please also refer to the section below titled “Exchanges That Serve Your Ads” and the links below for more information on some of the common rejection reasons.

Changes to Ads

If a change was made to an Ad after it was already audited, the ad can possibly be reset and lose its audit status. When making changes, please pay attention to the Audit Statuses. If your ad needs to be re-audited, please contact your Account Manager or the Support Team and provide the AD IDs.

Exchanges That Serve Your Ads

The Zeta DSP is integrated with many Ad Exchanges, giving you a wide-range of inventory and opportunities to deliver your Ads. A full list can be found on the Inventory Targeting page. Of these exchanges, we only display audit information from: Google ADX, Xandr (Appnexus).

Google ADX

  • "Google ADX" represents the secure (https) inventory provided by Google ADX.

Xandr (Appnexus)

  • "Xandr (Appnexus)" represents the inventory that is provided by Xandr (Appnexus).

If the audit status is "rejected" for AdX and Xandr, it does not mean the creative will not deliver at all. The creative does not have access to AdX or Xandr exchange inventory as per the policy information in Zeta's Ad Auditing Process. The creative can still deliver on our other exchanges given that it passed Internal Review. If you want to see what exchanges your ads are delivering on at any given time, use the "exchange" dimension on the Report Builder for your campaign.

Auditing SLA

For newly created Ads, please allow up to 24 hours for the Internal Audit / Internal Review Status, Validation Status, Confiant Status, ADX Audit Status, and Xandr Audit Status (AppNexus/APX) to update while the Ad is undergoing our Ad audit process.

Creative Review Rejection Reasons

To troubleshoot, please review the following pages: