Content Category Targeting allows you to identify and show ads to audiences based on data collected from Peer39's, Double Verify and Integral Ad Science proprietary content categories.

Users can apply Peer39, DoubleVerify or Integral Ad Science Content Category targeting instead of Inventory Targeting (Open and Private Exchanges)
The Content Categories targeting page is organized by Conditions. Each condition allows you to select multiple Content Categories, and then choose whether to select these using the AND, OR, or NOT Boolean operators.

  • Includes ALL of the Following (AND): Choosing AND means that the campaign only targets visitors who have been identified as belonging to all of the specified audiences. Use this with care as it can be very restrictive.

  • Includes ANY of the Following (OR): Choosing OR means that the Zeta technology targets an Ad visitor if they are at least in one of the specified groups.

  • Excludes ALL of the following (NOT): Choosing NOT excludes a particular audience from targeting. With this approach, you exclude from targeting anyone in the specified audiences, even if they happen to be in other audiences that you are also including.

Please see the chart below for additional Data Costs for these Vendors





NY State Tax as of 4.15.2020 will be added to the CPM

% Noted Below

Peer 39

  • Contextual


$0.05 CPM



Only the English Language is supported at this time for Double Verify content categories regardless of where the ad is served geographically

  • Contextual


$0.05 CPM


Content Category Targeting



1-Click Content Categories on the appropriate row of the Pre-Bid Targeting in the DSP screen in the Campaign or Advertiser builder

2-Set up Condition 1. Go to the Condition 1 box, and then click Peer 39/DoubleVerify/Integral Ad Science > to view the top-level categories available

3-Select entire top-level categories: Click the checkbox to select an entire top-level category.

  • Select sub-categories: Click the caret next to any Category to view sub-categories.

  • Click the checkbox next to these categories to add them to the condition

    • Select AND, OR, or NOT to choose how these categories are applied to the Content Category rule.

      Optional: If you want to create complex targeting rules, click + Condition at the top of the screen to add a new condition

4-Select AND or OR above the Condition 2 box

  • This option sets how Condition 1 and 2 operate together

    • Set up Condition 2 using the workflow defined in Step 2 of this process

      • Optional: Add another targeting conditions

5-Click Save when Complete