You can Analyze Pixels for viewing details on the pixel performance in a chart and grid. If the Pixel Insights Report is showing no (or concerning) data, review the following process:

Troubleshooting Pixels

Pixels may not deliver as expected if:

  • The pixel wasn't placed properly on the site (or in the container tag if one is being used).

  • There is a typo in the pixel implementation.

  • The pixel is on a hard-to-find page of the site.

  • The pixel has not yet been placed on the site.

  • There is a slight delay in populating pixel fire data for any given day. As such, if a pixel was just placed on the client's site(s), we recommend waiting 24 hours before checking the Analyze Pixels report for activity.

Auditing Pixels

1. Install the Ghostery plugin for Chrome.

2. Load the page on which you expect your pixels. Ghostery places a small bubble on the bottom right corner of the page. Click on it to review the trackers on the page.

3. Locate the DSP Pixel, and look for the ID.